• USAF 46th Bomb Squadron Patch.


    In February 1963, The 319th Bombardment Wing assumed the aircraft, personnel and equipment of the discontinued 4133d wing. The 4133d was a Major Command controlled (MAJCON) wing, which could not carry a permanent history or lineage,[20] and SAC wanted to replace it with a permanent unit. In this reorganization, the 46th was reactivated as the 46th Bombardment Squadron, and assumed the mission, personnel and equipment of the 30th Squadron, which was simultaneously inactivated.[19][18] Half the squadron's aircraft were maintained on fifteen minute alert, fully fueled and ready for combat to reduce vulnerability to a Soviet missile strike.[21]

    The squadron trained in strategic bombardment and participated in SAC exercises. During the Vietnam War, the squadron deployed aircrews and personnel to forward locations in the Western Pacific, participating in Operation Arc LightOperation Linebacker I and Operation Linebacker II