• USAF B-52G Bomber BULLET SHOT NORTH VIETNAM HANOI Patch From Vietnam War Era.


    Operation Bullet Shot was the codename for the buildup of B-52 bombers and supporting elements in Southeast Asia as part of efforts to counteract North Vietnamese pressure on South Vietnam. In May 1968, the United States had begun negotiations with the North Vietnamese in Paris and had subsequently started to draw down the total US forces in South Vietnam. President Nixon, however, made sure to indicate that the United States would respond militarily to any overt action against South Vietnam.
    In February 1972, 29 B-52s from Andersen Air Force Base, Guam and 10 KC-135s from Kadena Air Base, Japan were deployed to Southeast Asia as part of Operation Bullet Shot. These aircraft were deployed to U Tapao Air Base, Thailand. An additional 30 B-52 aircraft were deployed under Operation Bullet Shot to Andersen Air Force Base. his used machine embroidered patch measures 3.25" by 2.5", in good wearing condition. Patch has "cheese cloth" backing. Very rare.